Better than

It started on Sunday. We went to church, we won the 80’s contest (just wait until you see the pictures!), we celebrated Father’s Day, and we went to the pool. We sat in the pool in the zero depth entry. I had my head in Matt’s lap with the warm water all around me. I casually mentioned that right then, at that moment, I was so full of happiness.

It doesn’t get any better than lounging at the pool with the ones I love.

Except it does.

On Monday, we had a family picnic at the park for lunch. I loaded up the cooler with some PB&J sandwiches, chips, strawberries (with sugar for dipping), grape kool-aid, and oreo cookies for dessert. The boys played until they were dripping with sweat. As we were walking to the picnic table, Matt found a dollar bill on the ground.

It doesn’t get any better than picnics at the park and finding free dollar bills.

Except it does.

Monday night we decided to see Toy Store 3 in IMAX 3D. Bennett wore the glasses and tried to touch the images. Simon giggled through the entire movie. I cried at the end. We ate nachos and popcorn and reece’s pieces from the same bag for supper. We shared one huge cherry coke between us.

It doesn’t get any better than movies and popcorn for supper.

Except it does.

This morning, Brandi called us to her office. We signed, initialed and dated the contract for our brand new (to us) house. We offered, the bank counter-offered and we accepted. We have the inspection next Tuesday. The closing is set for July 28th.  After almost two years (21 months) of working hard to get out of debt, saving our pennies, looking at homes, finding THE ONE and begging the bank to end the redemption period- it’s really going to happen. 

We put down earnest money. We signed on the line. We bought a house.

Our house

I think I really mean it when I say, it doesn’t get any better than that.

ETA: Thank you guys so much for the comments. It means so much to have so many supportive friends. I ♥ you all!


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