Snip, snip

It’s so appropriate that my previous post was about my children driving me crazy because today they are not. If you care to remember correctly, I reached my breaking point and GRANDMA CAME TO THE RESCUE.

My Mom came up to attend the inspection with us and help me pick out paint colors. (These two topics deserve their very own posts. How in the name of all that is holy am I supposed to pick out paint? And not just a little bit of paint but A LOT of paint. As for the inspection, we have a few issues but more on that later. It’s all good.) Anyways, Grandma has gone out to Great Bend again but instead of traveling alone, she took my baby boys with her. Simon’s birthday is this weekend (There is another blog post. Can you believe that he’s going to be SEVEN years old? SEVEN. Seven. Help me now.) We always spend the 4th of July in the Bend, so Grandma gets to keep them for a few days.

I could ramble on and on about this being the very first time Bennett has ever been away from his Mama. Or I could talk about how Bennett is still prone to waking at night and needing me. Or I could discuss how the last, smallest shred of the umbilical cord has been cut. Or how about the fact that yesterday he was a squirmy, little butterball of a baby. I swear I blinked my eyes and it was over.

My baby went to Grandma’s house for the rest of the week. Without me.

Simon went too but it’s not quite the big deal. Simon has been visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house since he was baby. He also used to spend time alone with his aunts and uncles. It wasn’t until Bennett was born that we started attachment parenting. While I love the ideas, concepts, and the results we are seeing when it comes to raising confident, well-adjusted, and loved kids I AM JUST SO HAPPY THEY ARE GONE.

I’ve got more to say on this topic, but for now I hear the stove timer. My frozen egg rolls are finished. I’ve poured myself a drink and now I’m going to go watch The Hangover on the couch. After that, I’m going to eat a huge piece of cake. Then I’m going to watch SYTYCMFD on live TV.

Watch out. Mama’s going to break all the rules this week.


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