House related news

We went to the house yesterday to survey the damage. I didn’t bring my camera because I thought it was going to be too painful.

Turns out I was right. Who am I kidding? I am always right.

Just ask Matt.

We have holes:
Behind the pedestal sink
Behind the washing machine
Behind the guest bathroom sink
Along the ceiling of the eat-in kitchen
Down the entire wall of our master bedroom

Basically any place that needs water has a newly repaired pipe. Isn’t that swell? The bank agreed to pay the plumber $1500 for all his work. We are now responsible for fixing all the walls and repainting the ceiling. The holes behind both sinks and washing machine won’t be too hard to fix because they are hidden.

The holes on the ceiling? Are going to be fixed by our realtor and paid for out of her pocket.

I don’t know if this the politically correct way of doing things, but I’m not asking any questions. Sometimes it helps to just look pretty and smile. 

Truthfully, I’m not too worried about the rest of the walls. If Matt can take apart the washing machine three times, put it back together, and make it work then he can mud and tape a wall. We are set to close on July 20th. I have a good feeling about all of this. We’re working on paint colors. (OMG. The choices! The arguments! Do you like Moody Blue? What about Lemon Verbena?) The table is sanded and is ready to be painted. (I’m going with black. Don’t argue.) I bought this piece of art for the new house:

July 4th 172

I thought it was pretty and it makes me smile.


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