How to paint a table

Okay, back by popular demand my very detailed and specific ‘How to paint a table’ post. Or not. Just be glad that I’m even going to try and explain the process.  If you are left scratching your head, go over to Young House Love. They are my inspiration.

You are in luck though because I even tried to take pictures of most of the steps.

You’re welcome.

Step 1: Find a strapping, handsome man to do most of the work:

Hot worker

Step 2: Begin the sanding process. We used both a hand sander and a mouse sander. Both the top and the legs had a thick, shiny , glossy layer. The sanding took a couple of days to complete. We wanted a nice, smooth area to paint without any bumps.


Step 3: After sanding, wipe down the entire surface. It’s important to remove all the dust particles.

Step 4: whip out your paint. We decided to use Behr Paint and Primer In One. Why? Because we listened to the gods at Home Depot. We were also a fan of skipping the primer step. (BAD IDEA.)  The color is called Lamp Black in a satin finish.


Step 4: Paint, paint, and paint some more. It took quite a few layers to completely cover the white paint. I have a feeling that if we had primed, this might have gone faster. We also took a break and let the first coat dry before adding additional layers. We used a brush and not a roller.

More painting

Step 5: Let the piece dry. Meanwhile, take many pictures of the almost finished product.

Leg detail  Chair detail

Step 6: We knew that we wanted a nice, shiny top that repelled water and stains. We decided to use Minwax Polyurethane Semi-Gloss.

Poly top

Step 7: We applied the poly twice, while letting the table dry between coats. Could it be any shinier? I think not.

Polyurethane top

Step 8: Everyone is happy that the table is finally finished. Even this kid.

Finished table 022

Step 9:Ta-Dah! I am so proud with the final piece. I’m not crazy about the chairs, especially because they are a bit too country for me, but they will work for now. 

Before and after
Table leg


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