Yesterday, Today

Today you are 3.



Happy 3rd birthday, Bennett

Three years old.

If I have said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. I can’t believe that time has gone so quickly. Yesterday you were a baby. Today you are a child. You have ideas and thoughts. You ask questions and when speaking, use mostly question form.

You love to ride your scooter across the cul-da-sack. "I go second mailbox, okay?"

Whatever I do, where ever I go, you are there. "What you doing, Mama?"

You no longer cry when it comes to getting your hair cut. "I big boy?"

You adore your brother and your Daddy. "Where Simon go? Why Daddy go to work?"

We celebrated you today, all day long. We got happy meals for lunch. We went to the Toy Store. We went swimming. We made a cake. We went to Chuck E. Cheese for supper. We opened presents. We did it all, my love, for you. I wanted to go to Dinosaur Cafe instead but you insisted otherwise. "No, I not like Dinosaur Cafe. T-rex is scary?" 

Ben is THREE.
Yesterday I loved you. Today I love you more.
Happy Birthday, baby.

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