Reveal-O-Fun, Part 3, Simon’s Room

As we continue on the Reveal-O-Fun/House Tour 2010, let’s take a brief check into Simon’s room. I really want to show off the kitchen but I’m waiting until everything is finished. Here’s a hint: my pointer finger hurts due to excessive use of spray paint. 

So! Simon’s room. Should we start with a before and after shot?

Yes! Okay then. Here’s the before and after:

Bedroom 2 Simon's room

The paint color is Porter Paint, Hi-Hide called Walden Pond. It is by the far the best paint we’ve used so far. You can’t see any paint streaks down the walls.  Unfortunately, the Porter store closed it’s doors in Lawrence this week. Apparently business isn’t doing well.

I guess they missed the memo that I have still have to paint my dining room, living room, laundry room, powder bathroom, master bathroom, and all the ceilings.

I know.

Simon's room  

His bed and bed spread are also from Pottery Barn Kids. Back in the day, Matt used to work in the Pottery Barn stock room. I’m kicking myself for not taking better advantage of their employee discount. (Don’t you love when I give random details? It’s like I have the need to tell you, dear reader, everything.)

The dresser is from my childhood. It is an antique that my parents gave to me. It still has the same drawer lining from my childhood. (Again! With the details!)

It should also be noted that Simon’s bulletin board is very clean. I took the opportunity to clean the entire surface while he was visiting Grandma’s house. He wasn’t happy.

Simon's room 
The bookshelf is handmade by a man named Paul Grace. My Dad owns a general construction company that was originally owned by his Dad. When my Grandpa was alive, Paul was his go-to carpenter. Paul, who is at least 80 years old, made this for me. I love this bookshelf.

Please (again) take note of the clean shelves. They are now currently covered in many Lego creations. 

Simon-nator Simon shelf

Here are some of the wall decorations. The cup full of pencils is a mason jar. I’ve become obsessed with mason jars. Thanks a lot, Jami. Also, would you look at that cute kid? He wasn’t being cute tonight. He has another loose tooth. He whined and cried and created enough drama that one would think he’s a fifteen year old girl.

The clock is a Storytime Collection Clock called Tinplate Toys. (Bennett’s clock is from the same line too but I can’t remember the name of it.) My mom bought it as a gift one year. What??? You wouldn’t want a clock as a gift? Remind me to tell you about the time I got red sheets for my birthday when I was a child. There was also the year I received a ceiling fan.

Simon’s lucky though, he’s already got a fan.


In the hole: the bedroom? It might be awhile. We haven’t started painting it yet.


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