Bennett Patrick Hotwheels

I have a standard set of rules for blogging. It must be either a.)funny b.)informative or c.)show off my beautiful, amazing children.

Today’s post is going for letter C (beautiful, amazing children). Specifically, the developmental milestones of the little bambino. Who although we sometimes refer to him as fat boy, isn’t really that fat at all. He’s weighing in at 29 lbs, 8 oz (25%) and 37 inches tall (25%).  

Bennett at 3 years
(Bennett at 3 years old.)

In the last year, Bennett has gained 4 lbs and 4 inches. He carseat is still rearfacing in the van. He never complains. Never asks questions. Never hesitates to get in his seat. He is forward facing in Matt’s car but rarely (read: never) rides in it.

Ben wears a mixture of clothing. 3t fits him best but he can also wear last summers 2t clothes just fine. 
The biggest developmental change (without a doubt) is Bennett’s language. His expressive language is completely amazing and his speech is so clear. (Well, it’s clear to us anyway.) He knows all his colors and has opinions on everything. "I want the orange popsicle! What color you want? Green?" If you ask him something and he doesn’t know, he’ll say, "I don’t (dunno) know. What is it?"

He knows so much. He knows animals, animal sounds, trucks, Star Wars characters, TV characters, different airplanes "It’s not jet, Mama. It’s a fighter!", types of food, clothing, etc. He’s more reserved around strangers and talks quietly, but he has so much to say. (He’s not shy. We don’t use that word in our house.) He frequently talks in questions. "What you doing? Why you doing that, Mama? What’s that? What’s that noise?"

Bennett is now completely potty trained. He never, ever has accidents. He stays dry all night. No drama whatsoever. He still wears BumGenius diapers at night but only because I have issues.  

Speaking of sleeping, bedtime and naptime has become MUCH easier. We no longer sit with him until he falls asleep. B goes potty, we read 2 books, hand off the blankies, and he puts himself to sleep. We no longer sing songs, rub his back, or hold his hand. This isn’t without protest, "I not sleep by myself. I sleep your room?" but it’s such a relief from what was going on. He sleeps all night from 9:30-8:30.

Sometimes he sleeps with Simon but most often he sleeps on the crib mattress in our room. It works for us.

Naptime is still non-negotiable. He must nap unless we want to deal with a cranky kid later on. Naptime lasts 2 hours, give or take.  If we try and skip nap, this happens:

Sleeping boy 

In terms of eating, sometimes Benny eats and sometimes he doesn’t. I try and never make an issue out of food. We’ve been there, done that with Simon. If he wants to eat, fine. If not, no big deal. He favors sweet things and sometimes I give in because I am weak. He’s not fond of meat (do chicken nugs count as meat?) but I’m hoping that will change. He loves milk, water, and (if given the choice), soda.

He likes all carbs and some fruit (applesauce, bananas, sometimes melon). He eats corn and green beans. He loves baked beans, ham, eggs, chicken nuggets, spaghetti o’s, pasta, pizza, honey, and hot dogs.

B likes to do whatever Simon is doing and spends most of his time following him around. He rides a scooter, rides his wooden bike, jumps on the trampoline, and ‘plays’ a gameboy just like Simon. Bennett can also name most Star Wars characters, just like Simon. He watches whatever Simon is watching on TV (most often Animal Planet). Ben loves to swim although won’t put his face in, unlike Simon. His current favorite toys are his stomp rocket, Buzz Lightyear toy, any Hotwheels car or airplane, and foam sword. "I got you, Mama. Bang, bang, bang." 

Overall, Bennett is just the sweetest kid ever. He loves everyone equally and without reservation. He doesn’t have favorites. He doesn’t yell or throw major tantrums. He’s my big boy.

Bennett at 2 years
(Bennett at 2 years old.)

Happy 3rd year, Bennett Patrick Hotwheels. I love you even more.


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