"I want happiness, peace, and good things. Childhood memories. You only get to be a kid once."

Me too, Kate (Gosselin as quoted in June 7th copy of People Magazine), me too. There are times when I feel like I regularly fail my kids. Days when I yell too much. Days when I don’t have patience. Days where I hide behind the computer screen.

And then there are days like today. Simon and I had a contest in the swimming pool on who could float the longest. I won, but not by much. We ran around the library for awhile too. Pulling books and digging through to find new CDs for the Loser Cruiser. It’s not true, Kate. I still am a kid. 

We met his teacher tonight too. I don’t feel the anxiousness of the new year. Yes, new school. Yes, new classmates. Yes, new routine. No, anxiety. His teacher is male. His teacher has a hearing loss. His teacher is going to be awesome, I can feel it. I know that Mrs. Kelly set the bar really high but this, this is good.

He introduced himself as Don. In return I said, "Hello, Mr. Dorsey. This is Simon and I am Audrey Pool."

When I reflect on the summer, I hope Simon forgets the days I yelled too much. I hope he forgets when I sat on the computer all afternoon. I hope he remembers racing down the big blue slide at the pool. I hope he remembers the water gun fight. We hid behind the car and Daddy ambushed us. We still won though. You can’t beat 3 on 1. I hope he remembers the big move, the birthday parties, the CLINK! sound as another one of his teeth fell on to the counter.

Toothless grin

Happiness, peace, good things.


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