Happy children

So, I took the boys skateboarding the other day. Not because I really wanted to go but because it’s what I do. 

Most often, I do what I do in order to make my kids happy. Taking the boys skateboarding when it’s 85 degrees outside makes them happy. Maybe I am creating monster children? Children who demand to be entertained. Children who want attention all the time. Children who, like their mother, know exactly what they want in life.

Skateboarder, take 3

In the end, I worry about whether it matters. Making them happy? Makes me happy as well. Getting out of the house? Win-win. Going and doing and working and worrying all the time about what is best for them? No fun. 

I’m not perfect. I don’t pretend to be perfect.  

My kids aren’t perfect. In fact, Simon (the child of a teacher) is being pulled for supplemental math. How is that for some irony?

Benny Boy Benny approves Skateboarder Skateboarder, take 2

I just want them to remember. I want them to know. I did that for you. I was there. It was me. I let you slip into my bed at night. I held you in my lap. I took all the pictures. I made you wear the helmet. I made you ride rear-facing. I loved you, even when you weren’t love-able. (Daddy does too. He just doesn’t write about it for all the internet to read.)

Oh, I was there too. Chilling in my lap

Monster children or not. It’s just what I do.


1.) If you are coming over from Emily’s, Embrace the Camera, then welcome! Stay awhile! I’m doing a weekly series on Debt Freedom. Won’t you please join me

2.) Also, the Livejournal commenting system sometimes sucks balls. If you can’t get Open ID to work correctly, please leave your Blog URL as the subject line or some place in your message. I promise to come visit you too! ♥

3.) Bennett’s 3 shirt is from my good friend, Chelse. She rocks my socks, yo.

4.) There is no four. I only like odd numbers when it comes to decorating.


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