Reveal-O-Fun, part 6? I’ve lost count.

I know that I should be blogging about Monday Money but I’m skipping this week. Matt’s working and I’m tired, okay? Growing a child is hard work. I’m a wee bit cranky too. And a lot nauseous.
But mostly I’m tired.
So, let’s just look at my living room instead. It might take me six months, but I will finish House Tour 2010. And added bonus is that The Nester is hosting a Fall Mantel party.


My sister bought the iron tree for me. I like to add different decorations based on the seasons. Right now? Hanging spiders. Mixed among some fall leaves, candles, gourds, and pumpkins. Some are real. Some are fake. But you can’t tell which.


No fall mantel would be complete without some real pumpkins. I cheated and bought these at the grocery store. I don’t even think my kids noticed. Maybe we can skip the actual pumpkin patch? I’ll spend my time lounging on the couch instead.

Living Room
Here’s my living room in all it’s glory. The animal rug is an African Red Hartebeest. My Dad is a big game hunter, remember? We are yet to settle on a paint color. Good thing I don’t care right now. Also, if you need me, there is a good chance that I’m sitting right in the middle of the couch. The red pillow is usually thrown on the floor. The TV is turned to cartoons. The baskets are open and spilling toys all over the room. 

Gosh, it makes me tired just thinking about it. 

If you are coming over from The Nester…Welcome! Stay awhile! I’m not usually this grouchy! I’m doing a weekly series on Debt Freedom. Won’t you please join me?

2.) Or if you like lots of baby talk, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting banter then come hang out. I’ll be talking about it for the next nine million months, give or take.

3.) Also, the Livejournal commenting system sometimes sucks balls. If you can’t get Open ID to work correctly, please leave your Blog URL as the subject line or some place in your message. I promise to come visit you too! ♥


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