Angle of the Dangle

Ready to meet the little Burger? Here he is at 11 weeks, 1 day along:

It's a baby! 
He’s (she’s?) got two legs, two arms, fingers, a beating heart, a nice spine, eyes, and a developing brain. He DOESN"T have fully formed boy parts yet. As hard as I pushed, the sonogram tech refused to Analyze the Angle of the Dangle. It’s all about which way the sex organs are pointed. If the dangle points up, BOY. If the angle points down, GIRL.

Matt poked me in the side while I was on the table. It was his equivalent of SHUT UP, AUDREY. I tried. I begged the tech to take a look but she wouldn’t do it. LOSER.

I don’t really know if the Burger is a boy or not. I just knew that Simon was a boy. I was 100% certain. I wasn’t as sure with Bennett but we found out very early. With this baby? I don’t know. I haven’t had any dreams either way. A girl would be nice but let’s be realistic. It’s probably another boy. And that’s okay.

12 weeks. October 28
(I need to get better at taking pictures of myself. 80% of them are too far away, or not enough of my belly, or just my head and no belly, or of a kid running through the picture. I promise to only show you the best one or two next week. )
I was still sick this week but think that Zofran is helping some. We ate Burger King after my appointment and I threw it up twice. Pretty sure I’m never eating there again. My days start out okay but I feel very ill towards the end of the day. By suppertime, I’m stuck to the couch. I’m finally sleeping better too. I stopped Reglan because it gave me insomnia. It was awful waking up every hour.
 Now the only thing keeping me up is the angle of the dangle. What do you think? Boy or girl?!? 


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