My strong suit

It’s been awhile since I showed you a belly picture. I’m now 17 weeks (I think? I can’t keep track. All I know is that I’m not done yet nor am I close) and I’m LOVIN’ my maternity jeans. Here’s a solid piece of advice: don’t put yourself through misery. Whip out the elastic waistbands. Or live in stretched out sweatpants every day. Either way, your body will thank me.

Two more weeks until our sonogram. You better believe that I’m hoping for a girl.

Anyways, so this isn’t actually a current picture- Flickr tells me that I took this photo on November 17th. So, what? Like three weeks ago?  

November 026
Like every area in my life, I am nothing but punctual. Speaking of punctual, did I mention that Simon was tardy SEVEN times at school between August and November? My Mom was so proud!

Speaking of my Mom, she was here this weekend and she bought me my Christmas present. (Let the record state that I pitched in towards the cost as did my other Grandma. Not this Grandma though.)  I mean, it’s technically not for me but for Bennett. Doesn’t every child want a new bed for Christmas? If you recall, he got a mattress last year. Maybe next year he’ll get a ceiling fan. 

It all started (translation: it went from a want to a need) because the headboard to his bed is actually the backboard to the crib.

Now that the crib is going to be free, we can set up the nursery. When I say ‘nursery,’ I really mean ‘master bedroom’ because we bought a three bedroom house. And when I say ‘set up the crib,’ I really mean create a co-sleeper.

I promise pictures of the whole set-up.

(Just don’t expect me to be punctual about it.) 


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