But wait! I have excuses!

I could pretend to be an expert photographer, but we all know that would be a lie. This true fact very much came to light when I sat down to create a Christmas card.

Originally, I planned to make a beautiful Christmas card AND announce the sex of the baby at the same time. This plan was fouled when my anatomy scan didn’t get scheduled until next week. (It’s on Tuesday. Mark your calendars.) Additionally, for those keeping track at home, Christmas is NEXT week. Clearly there isn’t enough time to take pictures, create a card, ship them to me, and then ship them to you all before Friday. 

I decided that maybe I should just use a picture of the boys that I already had taken. I have a decent camera, right? So a decent picture shouldn’t be too hard to find. Right? Let’s be honest and admit that nobody cares about seeing me or Matt. It’s the children people want and it’s the children that I want to show off.


In view of this, let’s take a peek at the most recent pictures I have of Bennett and Simon together. In this example, we are oh-so-happily creating a gingerbread house. I know it may be obvious to some but it’s like so many Christmas blessings to be had all in one moment. 

Christmas joy

Not very long ago, Matt took the boys camping. I came out just long enough to enjoy the roasted hotdogs and smores. Before I left, I tried to get a picture of the boys in their tent. Nothing says Christmas card like a pouting child with really bad hair being forced to look at the camera against his will.


How about a Halloween/Christmas mix? Never mind the kids aren’t looking at the camera. And while we’re at it, just try and ignore the large and dangerous sword that the knight is 10 seconds away from jabbing into the purple dragon.


In September, we went to the pumpkin patch. The only thing separating this picture from perfect is the giant parachute hood on Simon’s head. Am I right or what?

Pumpkin patch 
This last one, taken in August, has everything a great picture needs. Eye contact, clean faces, gap-filled smiles, and naked bodies. Wait? What? I shouldn’t send a picture of my kids surrounded by bubbles in the bathtub?
Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got of the boys together. Major morning sickness took a toll on my motivation and it’s unmistakable when I scroll through my archives from late August to the present. I just don’t have a nice picture of them together. I could create a card with separate pictures of them but hello, did you see Simon’s hair? (Don’t worry, Mom. He finally got a haircut.) I’m also not kidding when I say that in almost every picture of Bennett he either has a.) something on his head or b.) he isn’t wearing a shirt.

So all that to say: those awaiting a picture from my family, please accept my apology. There will be no great Christmas card of 2010.

But by all means, don’t think I won’t want to see your Christmas card.



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