I got two packages in the mail today. The first being a pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy. It’s a long and pointless story involving me not reading the reviews before I ordered. Had I carefully read what others were saying, I would have known to order a size smaller than I normally wear. Unfortunately, I didn’t read. Instead I ordered my normal size which were way too big. So I sent them back, waited two weeks, and got the smaller size today.

These pants?

May the Lord bless them. They are the most comfortable things ever. Just the right length. Stretchy enough waistband to last until spring. Tight in the right places. And although some may just call it vanity sizing to keep the pregnant ladies happy, I call it pure genius.

Hello, size 4 long. I haven’t seen you since, oh I don’t know, 2008. 

(I feel like I should go and edit my third sentence. Turns out you have now heard the long and pointless story. I don’t know why I expect people to even care. It’s the meaningless details that people enjoy, yes?)

The second package that arrived today was my Christmas present. I am having a hard time adjusting to the new bed. It is much larger than Bennett’s previous bed. It also takes up a lot of space in a very small room. Bennett could have cared less about the whole thing and insisted that he wasn’t interested in any new big boy bed. We have such great intentions about moving him out of our bedroom permanently but then 5:00 am rolls around and it’s so much easier to scoot over then to cart his butt back to his own bed.

(I wish I could show you a picture of the bed but I can’t. If I had bothered to take one, I would put it right here in the text.)

I promise that I’ll be singing the bed praises soon too, just like my new pants. I just need time to adapt to the change.

So, overall, today was a very good day. It’s really fun and exciting to get packages. I enjoy it and I am especially happy whenever I get what I want. I’m hoping that tomorrow (or today by the time you read this) is a good day as well. It’s the day of my anatomy scan and I can’t wait. I CAN NOT WAIT. I swear, I will be happy with a boy or a girl. I might need time to adjust, particularly if it’s another boy, but I will be happy with either.

I am just secretly hoping it doesn’t have a package.


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