Diapers for sale and other ramblings

Thank you to everyone who left comments, sent messages, and/or commented on my Facebook concerning our baby girl. To say that we are over the moon is an understatement. We are full of joy. Although it’s been a week, I still haven’t been able to wrap my small brain around the fact that I get to experience the excitement of a baby girl. Of course, there are a few things helping me comprehend this big change.

1.) Pretty pink and floral little outfits like this one help tremendously. After the sonogram, we immediately went shopping. We stopped at three different stores before I found The Absolutely Adorable and Perfect Outfit that I was looking for. I am graciously choosing to forgive Matt when upon finally finding The Absolutely Adorable and Perfect Outfit he skeptically asked, "that’s it?"

It's a girl! 026 

2.) Playing the ‘name game’ helps too. I really like the name Cora Jane but it has been vetoed by my entire family. Baby naming is a family process around here. I wouldn’t dare pick a name unless I had the approval of my Mom and sisters. (For those of you judging this comment, fear not. I want the approval of my family. Period.)

Other another name that Matt and I both like is Libby. Although I am afraid that Libby does not pass the doctor/lawyer test. Therefore, we would probably name her Elizabeth and just call her Libby Jane. I am not crazy about nicknames but I do like Libby. I promise to keep everyone updated on the name situation.

3.) The final and possibly most exciting part about having a baby girl is rebuilding my cloth diaper stash. I went through and sorted out all the diapers that I don’t plan on using. As you all know, my diapers come from a smoke-free, animal lovin’ home. There are NO STAINS and the elastic is all fine. The prints all have normal fading. I am listing these diapers for sale here first but I plan on listing the Goodmamas on Facebook too.

Goodmama 2 
First Love- $30.00 SOLD
Monster Jam- $25.00 SOLD
Varsity- $20.00 SOLD
Goodmama 1 
Yellow Iron- $18.00 SOLD
Cowboy Blues- $20.00 SOLD
Wild West- $20.00 SOLD
Call of the Wild- $18.00 SOLD

Diapers for sale
OBV with missing snap- $5.00 SOLD
BG with old velcro- $5.00 each

As always, if you have any questions please ask. I can provide more pictures upon request and I am only ISO of paypal and GIRLY Goodmama diapers!!


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