Babyhawk for sale- SOLD!

Did I mention that I am "working" this week as the secretary at my Dad’s office? When I say "working," I really mean "get paid to sit in front of the computer." Or, as Jennifer put it "get money from Daddy." Grandma is keeping the boys and they are LOVIN’ the extra attention.

Nevermind we were just spoiled to death at Christmas, we now own a Spongebob coloring book. Simon is so pleased.

So since I am sitting here with nothing to do, I planned ahead and bought some more things to sell. Yesterday was diapers. Today is my Babyhawk. There isn’t anything wrong with this Mei Tai, I just prefer my Beco when it comes to wearing my little ones. Some people really love Babyhawks and Mei Tais in general.


It’s in VGUC but does have some discoloration on the straps. Comes with a bonus toy ring and a pocket for stuffing. The straps are chocolate brown and extra long.

The front side (with the pocket) is a nice, floral blue. The floral is brown and matches the straps.

Babyhawk Babyhawk print detail

The back side is a light green with small, brown skulls and crossbones. I noticed when I was taking pictures that there appears to be some red spots on the print. (Look in the lower left-hand corner.) I can try and remove the spots but I have NO idea how long the spots have been there.

Babyhawk back side Babyhawk print detail
I am listing this here and on Diaperswappers. Priority goes to my friends cause you guys know that ya’ll make my skirt fly up. $70.00 and shipping is included. 

(A steal, I’m telling you. Babyhawks run $110 new plus shipping.)
(I, of course, will take offers.)
I’ll even leave the plastic links attached to the toy ring. I can’t promise that Bennett’s baby slobber isn’t lingering though.

Questions? Just ask. ðŸ™‚



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