I love you, Mom

You all want to hear something funny? My Mom thought my last blog entry was inappropriate. The imaginary line where I embarrass my mother has been crossed. I figure it’s payback for every single time I go home and she makes me go to the grocery store with her.

No! I don’t care to chat with my 6th grade music teacher in the produce isle. I’m sure my sisters and my family know exactly what I’m talking about. Nancy loves to talk and will talk to anybody. Last time I checked, I don’t think she knows how to filter either.  

This one is for you, Mom. I only learned from the best. Who needs a filter when I can say what’s on my mind? I won’t take it down but I will put up something new instead. I love you and you’re welcome.  ♥

So did you notice that the entire Eastern half of the United States experienced a blizzard? Normally I wouldn’t classify Kansas as part of the Eastern half, but woe is there snow. The part I love best is that the weatherman predicted anywhere from 5-25 inches of snow for the metro.

Nothing like a small window in which he is guaranteed to be accurate.

All the snow (around 8 inches plus 4 foot drifts, so I guess the weatherman was right) means that Simon is on DAY FIVE of being home. Saturday and Sunday, followed by a teacher work day on Monday, and now two snow days in a row. I finally made him get dressed today. I’m not sure exactly how many days and nights he spent in the same pair of jammies. All I know is that it was many. Needless to say, he’s in bliss and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the boys have done A LOT of TV watching. I even broke down and let him watch shows that are normally off limits. 

I hate Spongebob but I hate children bouncing off the walls even more.  

Snow Day
We’ve also been playing the Wii entirely too much. We (read: Simon and I) are on level 8 of Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately I spend a good portion of the time yelling at Simon to bubble so that he can keep up. My poor blood pressure is through the roof when we play. It’s probably not good for baby girl.

But then again, what does it matter?

Like mother like daughter.


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