Girl time

Sometimes I worry (heavily) that all the attention Simon receives is going to negatively hurt Bennett. It’s a lot of "Simon this," and "Simon that," around here. It’s also a lot of "doing" for Simon. We have Simon’s boy scout stuff and Simon’s soccer game to watch and Simon’s party at school. Simon needs therapy. Simon needs a new jacket.

What about Bennett? What does he need?  I try as best I can to keep Bennett’s emotions in check too. To give him the attention that he deserves.

(Of course, it’s not hard to love on the cutest kid ever.)


Shame on me for even saying it, but Bennett really is a walk in the park compared to his brother. (You thought I was going to say that Bennett was cuter, didn’t you? I don’t know if any child can top this.) He doesn’t need nearly as much. So, while Benny is prone to occasional whining and fit throwing, he’s nothing if not easy.

Case in point: my Mom, sister, and I took him to the salon with us while we all got pedicures. He just hung out in the chair next to me. Did a little dance, pushed buttons on my phone, and talked to the ladies. While we were there, he got his butt stuck in the toilet and had to have the sweet, old lady with very little English help him out. (I would have gone but my toes were being painted.) 

I know. I know. Who takes a three year old to the salon?


We also took him to Pottery Barn and out to eat and to the movies and to the furniture store. The boys went to a hunting thing. The girls (+Bennett) went shopping.  It was a wonderful time. 

So while Simon does get a lot of attention, at least Bennett got some one-on-one girl bonding time.

Even Simon can’t claim that.


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