I can’t wait

I find myself continually yearning and praying for spring to arrive. I need sunshine. I need the boys to go outside. I need the grass to turn green and the trees to bloom. My daffidils and tulips are just starting to poke through. I can’t wait. 

Matt spent part of the afternoon today killing off our weedy front yard. He promises that 6 weeks from now, our front yard will be a lush, green landscape of pure grass. I hope he’s right because as it is, our yard is a mixture of weeds and different grasses. I can’t wait.  

6 weeks from now, it will be April. April means that the sun will be (mostly) shining and the weather will be (mostly) warm. 8 weeks from now, it will be May. May means that the baby (girl!) will be here. I can’t wait.

We met our new neighbors this weekend too. I am EXTREMELY pleased to learn that they have a 6.5 year old son, four year old daughter, and a baby. We live on a (wonderful) cul-da-sac that has everything desirable except for running, playing children. All our other neighbors are either single, married without kids, or retired. 
I know.  
Chalk monster
Though they aren’t moving in until the end of March or early April, I can’t wait.

It seems silly to admit, but I prayed for another family to come. A (stay at home) mom that I can spend time with while our children race around on their bicycles and our husbands grill the steaks. A family that can split the cost of ice cream truck popsicles. A mom to carpool. A son to grow up with Simon while our babies toddle around in the fresh grass. My prayers were answered.

I think of the other prayers I have. Will they come true too? I can’t wait.

Chalk rainbow
I want to run barefoot through the grass. I can’t wait.


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