32 weeks

Baby-no-name continues to grow at an alarming rate. Although the truth is that I’m measuring small, as I always do. I really don’t have any complaints right now. I feel exceptionally good. I have mild heartburn at night and have difficulty bending over and rolling but that is it. Pregnant, in my third trimester, with no complaints. Do I deserve a cookie or what?

Only 6 weeks to go. The boys both came at 38 weeks, so I am assuming she will too. I can’t believe it.

6 weeks until she’s here. 6 weeks and all the fun is over. 6 weeks until the real work will begin.

32 weeks 32 weeks
32 weeks- belly shot 
6 weeks to decide on a name. I don’t really think Baby-no-name will work. Here are some we are considering:  
Cora Jane
Ellen Kathryn (Ellen after my Mom. Might go by Ellie for short.)
Georgia Louise (Matt’s pick. Georgia means Farmer.) (Ask me how I feel about that.) 
Libby Jane 

Thoughts? Suggestions for something better? 

In other news, the little boys and I are headed to the Bend for the entire week of Spring Break. Susannah will be there with her boys too. If you don’t hear anything from me, do not be alarmed. In fact, expect radio silence.

Grandma’s house is for sleeping and watching movies. And for letting her do the cooking. And watching KU basketball. (Rock Chalk!) And for playing a few thousand rounds of the baby name game. 

Baby-no-name deserves nothing less.


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