Originally posted on April 1st, 2010. You better believe I’ve got a few jokes up my sleeve for 2011!


April Fools 059 

These "cupcakes" were super easy to make. But first let’s give credit, where credit is due. Go visit my friend Chelse for better pictures and the entire recipe. It’s worth it. I promise. Despite the meatloaf cupcakes looking really gross, they were actually really good.

(Just picture the mashed potatoes on the side instead of on the top.)

(And instead of green mashed potatoes, think creamy white.)

I actually felt sorta awful for pulling the cupcake/meatloaf trick. Especially because Bennett was all, "CAKE? I eat CAKE supper, Mama?" He then took approximately ONE BITE before he was done. I’m all, "APRIL FOOL’S!" And he says, "Cake, Mama?" Then I said, "Yes, baby. It’s a meatloaf cupcake." And he’s all, "I not like it, Mama. I not like cake."


But I redeemed myself when I pulled out these beauties:
April Fools 022 

Try as they might, the straws would not work:
April Fools 033 

I broke out the spoons and at that moment, I (KID YOU NOT) could have hung the moon. Bennett’s all, "I like it, Mama. I like dink." And then I said, "I know, silly, but it’s not a drink. It’s Jello! Do you like blue Jello?"

And then Bennett, he says, "I do. I like it. Oh, Mama. You funny."
April Fools 038

And then I’m all, "I know, baby. I know. Your Mama is funny. Just wait till I tell the Internet."


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