A few weeks ago my bestest friend, Jennifer, brought over a baby blanket for Baby-no-name. She made it herself which um, hello, is amazing. I choose to believe that while I certainly lack in craftiness, I more than make up for it in my writing ability.

I know, right? It’s always a risk being my friend. You never know when you might find yourself the subject of my blog. I might write you an open letter. Maybe, if you are lucky, I might even tell the Internets how much I love you.

Baby blanket love

Jennifer, thank you for the beautiful baby blanket. While we can be fabulously different at times, I wouldn’t pick anybody else to tell all my secrets. (You know, besides the Internet.) Hope you are excited for Tookie Show Number Two. (Tookie rhymes with cookie. Slang for cha-cha, your beaver, snatch, or your taco.) 

I hear that watching another give birth is amazing.

Thanks again (for both).


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