Visual assault

I like to think that I’m not one of those bloggers who post 17,893 pictures of my kids doing cute stuff. Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with posting lots of cute kid pictures. I just know that my kids are cute because they are my kids. Mine, not yours. I get it.

So I try and not subject you, my darling readers, to a visual assault of their adorableness. However, today is not that day. Today you get CUTE KIDS celebrating Easter. CUTE KIDS TIMES 1000.

Easter baskets

The elusive bunny came and brought baskets. He included lego sets, jelly beans, and other various kinds of candy that I am forced to eat when nobody is looking. It’s a shame really. Simon doesn’t like candy and so I am automatically forced to eat his. (See also: I currently weigh 164 lbs. Help me now, Rhonda.)

After church, we went to my sister’s house for lunch and an egg hunt. I bought eggs and Grandma (Aunt Liza?) bought eggs too. Being the intelligent ones that we are, we didn’t consult each other about who was providing eggs. So, in total I think we wound up with 57 eggs. For two children.

Who is smart? We is.
 Simon searching Found one! 

Bennett thought egg hunting was the best thing ever. Of course, he also gets excited to watch trash trucks and do things like help empty the dishwasher. So, you know, grain of salt. Also, be glad that I’m only showing you two actual pictures of the egg hunt. Imagine, if you will, this happening 57 more times. Credit goes to Aunt Liza for taking the pictures. I enjoyed sitting on my bottom while everyone else did all the work. (See also: Guess who’s still pregnant AND weighs 164 lbs.)

Family of 4 for now

Here we are as our happy little family of four. It’s not much longer that (hopefully) our four will be five. I’m really (honestly) not in any hurry. Once she comes, life gets much harder. My arms will be full. No more leisurely afternoon reading. No more substituting jobs. No more Saturday sleeping in while the boys watch TV.   
No more pictures of just cute kids. Feel free to prepare yourselves now.

The (real) visual assault is about to begin. 



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