38 weeks

I don’t know how to say what has already been said before. Pregnancy is hard, right? You know that it is difficult. It is tiring and demanding and painful. Pregnancy keeps you up at night and makes you pee when you sneeze. (Oh, just me? I’ve said too much.)

It changes your body and your mind. The things once important now seem trivial. Thoughts crowd into my head- the things I want to do before she is here. I want to hold my boys a little bit longer. I want to read more stories. I want to sleep longer on Saturday. I want to bake a cake for my neighbor. I want to be a family of four a few more days.  

Soon we will be a family of five. Will she come tonight? Tomorrow? How about on Wednesday? Wednesday would be a good day to change our lives.

Pregnancy is a season. A shadow that quickly moves away.

38 weeks 
Blink and you’ll miss it.



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