PSA: Yes, still pregnant

My good friend, Jana, came over today. I was so hoping that by scheduling something, it would cause the baby to come. But no, no deal. No baby today. About 4 years ago, we had a double date scheduled (with her and her Matt) to see The Fray in concert. Bennett was born instead. You know, because he was born 2 weeks early? Every day I wake up and think I can’t possibly be pregnant another day.


I saw my Grandma today too. She asked if we had decided on a name. I told her that we have officially decided but that my Mom, Dad, sister, and other Grandma all hated it. (An aside: I will admit that this is difficult for me. I value their opinion and have a desire to please others. A few years ago, I got a white wool coat from Express. My sister laughed at it and I never wore it again. Maybe I put too much stock into what my family thinks? Clearly I have issues.) 

Anyways. Her response? 

"Me too. I hate it too." 

Thanks, Grandma. I will go ahead and add you to The List.

 Leave me alone
The List being, of course, people I might accidentally eat if I don’t have this baby really soon.

Now is not a good time to say that you hate our baby name. In fact, don’t even ask. I’m not going to tell you what we decided. (To those that know: shut your pie-hole. I obviously like you enough to share.) It is also not a good time to say things like, "Oh! When is that baby coming?" Or, "Still pregnant, huh?" My favorite being, "Have you scheduled your induction yet?"

As soon as I know when she is coming, I’ll let you know. I PROMISE.

Unless, of course, you want me to add you to The List.

In which case, ASK AWAY.

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