The pink caboose

Did you all miss me? I feel like screaming….I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAACK and feeling great. The anxiety and stress of waiting for Cora Jane’s arrival have finally eased. She is here safely. It’s a good thing not very many of you know me in real life, to say that I was ‘on edge’ would have been a huge understatement.  

Old lady feet

We (read: me) can all breathe calmly. I promise to write up the birth story soon, but I am waiting on the pictures from the photographer. That’s right- I had a photographer at her birth. I told you I would invite you too. It seriously was a party. A birth party that just happened to fall on my birthday too.

Hands down, it was the best birthday of my life.

Pretty lady

So now life is an endless cycle of blissful nursing, (cloth) diaper changing, and sleeping. Sleeping is minimal. Diaper changing is messy and frequent. Nursing is just…okay. You would think that because this is my 3rd rodeo, I wouldn’t have any problems.

No such luck, girlfriend.

I’m not complaining and we will persevere but right now it sucks, literally. (Pun intended, of course.) Nipple shields to the rescue. I’ll worry about weaning off them later. Right now, I need my nips to heal. Speaking of healing, my body is feeling pretty good. I remember being more sore with the boys.  I guess Cora put me through enough pain by deciding to come so late. Not to mention her birth took the longest as well.

Big butt, so what?
(Do you recognize the outfit?)

She was totally 100% worth it. The stress. The anxiety. The 35 lb weight gain. My prayers have been answered. Our pink caboose has safely arrived. We couldn’t be any more happy than we are right now.

Prayers answered 


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