Since a few of you asked, Cora Jane’s coming home outfit and headband were made by the wonderful and awesome Chelsea of SKC at Home. She makes custom skirts, headbands, burp cloths, and hand-painted onesies. 

I know, right?! Who has the dedication to hand paint a teeny, tiny C on clothes? God certainly didn’t bless me with that sort of talent. I can barely focus on one thing at a time. Let alone create something like she did. I can write a few sentences and call it a blog. I am talented enough to make beautiful babies. I can’t make anything like this though.

C for Cora Jane

Fluffy butt

Bennett is excited! 


Going home!

Her etsy shop can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sunkissedcotton. Go now and order lots of pretty stuff. Make sure to tell her that I sent you! Maybe she’ll send me some more headbands. And for the record, she has no idea that I’m writing about her or her shop today. I might be a blogger but nobody pays me to say anything.

Not that I wouldn’t mind getting paid to write. I do have a talent for shopping and spending money.

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