Month one

Can you believe that it’s been one month since Cora was born? Me either. But it’s true. She has been apart of our lives for one whole month. 4 weeks. 30 days. For her monthly updates, I decided to use a chocolate bow from her modeling job to mark her growth. I plan on taking a monthly photo with Cora wearing the same bow and a Bumgenius pink diaper. We’ll see how it goes. Mostly these updates are for me to remember, so feel free to ignore the large blocks of text and instead just enjoy her beautiful pictures.

So here’s to you, Cora Jane. Happy one month.

June 2011 120

Cora weighed in at 8 lbs, 15 oz on Monday and it’s all thanks to boob juice. We are still using all her newborn clothing but are venturing into 0-3 month clothes. SAD FACE. She enjoys nursing all day and night and really prefers righty over lefty. I am not one to follow any kind of schedule, so she gets the boob whenever she asks. She might eat 30 minutes a part and not again for another 3 hours. Whatever, it’s cool with me.

Cora Jane LOVES to suck and gets annoyed when milk lets down. So we welcome the use of a pacifier. It brings peace and joy to all of us.

We are using cloth diapers 100% during the day and Huggies newborn diapers at night. I like Goodmama newborns and XS Thirsties covers the best. Our XS Fuzzibunz are finally fitting better, as are the XS Bumgenius. I HATE prefolds and covers, so we don’t ever use those.  As for night time, we don’t really have enough diapers to use cloth all night and Matt’s responsible for the those diaper changes anyways. She loves to poop and poop loudly, especially at night. GOOD JOB, GIRLFRIEND.

As for sleeping, Cora acts like a typical newborn. On a good night, she’ll eat at 11, 2:30, and again at 5:30. On a bad night, she’ll fuss and grunt and eat every hour. She sleeps in the cradle next to the bed until 5:30 and then she joins us in the bed. (SEE MOM? She’s not in our bed ALL night.) She doesn’t always go back to sleep after her last feed and instead wiggles and grunts while Matt and I try to ignore her. Matt, aka best husband ever, will then get up with her. (Happy Wife, Happy Life or A Rested Mom is a Nicer Mom.)

During the day, Cora is still very sleepy. She will have periods of being awake, but for the most part she sleeps. A lot.

June 2011 108

June 2011 136

Cora very rarely cries. (Unless you try and take the pacy out of her mouth in order to get a better picture. Ha. Ha.) She never cries in the bathtub either. I take her into the bathtub with me every morning and she loves nursing in the warm water. As for other sounds, she does grunt, squeak, and makes lots of little noises. No coos yet.

Cora has started giving us little smiles. (Simon insists that he saw her first smile.) She is starting to grin whenever she is picked up after napping. She likes (tolerates might be a better word) the swing and the bouncy chair, although she prefers being swaddled in our laps and on our chests the best. She also loves, loves, loves to be worn in the sling. Daddy also wears her in his sling. She has spent the better part of the past month being held- mine, Daddy, Grandpa, the neighbors arms. It’s always a fight on who gets her.

Just like Simon as a newborn, her eyes are sorta gooey. I suspect that she has immature tear ducts, so I’m always wiping green goo out. Occasionally I’ll squirt magic liquid gold in order to clean them. As for color, her eyes continue to remain bright blue and I still think of her as Simon in a pink diaper.

And, as always, the best birthday present ever.

June 2011 116

No sign of Noah yet. We continue to look for him, especially whenever I pull into the driveway. I keep praying that I’ll catch him sunbathing on the porch.


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