Under construction

House of Boys is updating, changing, and rearranging. Both here in the online world and at home. House of Boys isn’t just for the boys anymore and it’s time to make the change.

I love my life.

Do you remember when I said I wanted a new kitchen sink to bath baby Cora? Because, really, what baby doesn’t want to take a bath in the sink? Thanks goes to the Granny Cales (great and regular) because who knew that a new sink and faucet could make such an amazing difference. Thanks also to my lover. He’s pretty handy with the tools.


Now who wants to buy me granite counter-tops and paint my (ugly) oak cabinets white? Who’s with me? It will be fun! I’ll even give you a shout on the blog. While you guys think about it, I’m off to clean up. If you stop by here again and things are different, do not be alarmed. I’ll be back with another post when everything is complete. I’m excited.

Did I mention that I love my life? I do.

Update #3 on Noah- we went to the Human Shelter and filled out a permanent lost report. (I hate that word. Permanent.) We also made signs but are waiting for the rain to stop before we plaster the neighborhood. Sigh.


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