Milky thoughts

Most days and nights, the words tumble around inside my head. It is especially bad at night. I lay (lie?) and think about the thoughts that I want to share. I think about the many conversations that started and were interrupted, never to be finished. I think about the questions that don’t have answers. I think about the questions that do.

June 2011 013

I was recently asked that if I had another baby in four years, would I nurse in front Simon. At twelve years old, surely he would be uncomfortable catching a glimpse of his mother’s breast, right?

June 2011 081

Questions like this show how far the breastfeeding community still has to go. Yes, of course, I will/would breastfeed in front of Simon- no matter his age. I will breastfeed at the park. I will breastfeed at the store, at the pool, in the front yard. I won’t cover up but I will be discreet. Breastfeeding is normal and it will always be a part of our family.
I wish I even had words to describe how irrationally sad a question like this makes me feel.

I dream of a world where breastfeeding really is the norm. Where nursing covers are never needed. Where nobody bats an eye at a nursling or hell, even a toddler still nursing. (The AAP and the WHO both state nursing should continue until at least two years of age.) I dream of a world where pumps were for actual emergencies and milk sharing wasn’t frowned upon. Where formula companies weren’t billion dollar companies promoting their product as superior. Where myths of "I didn’t make enough milk" never happened.

June 2011 026

We boycott Nestle in our family. If you are interested, you can read much more about it here. (Sorry, Lizzy- no more Purina dog food for you. I didn’t know until I rechecked their product list. No more {name brand} Cheerios either. Bennett is going to be sad.)

IJune 2011 085
In order for change to happen, it has to happen at home. By exposing (pun intended) nursing as normal, not sexual, and not anything that should remain hidden behind closed doors or covers, society will start to embrace breastfeeding for what it is: the most complete way to feed a baby.

These are the thoughts that roll through my head. This is the question that I can answer.

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