My sources tell me that a little somebody at House of Boys Partyof5, Inc is upset that they never got a Father’s Day post. The people here at House of Boys Partyof5, Inc. have been super busy- holding babies, painting walls, pouring drinks, planting flowers, tearing down fences, park playing, watching baseball games, changing and washing diapers, boobfeeding, and taking pictures of VERY IMPORTANT THINGS.

What’s that, yo? There’s no school like the old school?

June 2011 034

My apologies, Matt. I’m so sorry you never got a blog post about Father’s Day. I’m sorry that I just lied too. When I say the people here at Partyof5, Inc. have been painting walls and tearing down fences, I really mean you. I’ll admit that I am totally worthless when it comes to tearing down fences and painting walls.

June 2011 106

Anyways, please tell your people to call my people and we’ll get right on that Father’s Day post for next year. 

Life with a newborn, (almost) eight year old, and an (almost) four year is exhausting. I know what you are thinking: EXCUSES. It’s just the truth of the matter and sometimes it can’t be helped. So, contrary to what some may believe, I didn’t have the time last Sunday to sit down and tell the Internet how wonderful you are as a husband, provider, and baby daddy.

Besides, I already know what kind of Daddy you are. But the Internet? HAS NO CLUE. 

June 2011 065 
MTP, I love you and all that you do for our family. I love that you cleaned the gutters, power washed the front porch, organized the basement, tore down the fence, built a new fence, sold the old fence, replaced the sink, hung my pictures, changed the door handle, had a garage sale, repaired Bennett’s bike, collected limestone rocks for the garden, moved my grandoarents, painted the living room, painted the ceiling, painted the entry way, painted the dining room (TWICE), rearranged the living room, took me to the Humane Shelter 3 times, changed Cora’s diaper, bathed the boys, cleaned all the things, read many books, got up early in the morning, made supper (and lunch and breakfast), put up with all my shit, and kept us all sane the past six weeks.

I can’t remember…does HARD WORKER come before or after BABY CATCHER on your resume? Whatever the order, you work so hard and it’s so obvious to everyone.  

Speaking of work and resumes, I’m feeling a little anxious about you going back to work in two weeks. How many families get EIGHT WEEKS off to spend time together? Not many and for that I am so incredibly grateful. Eight weeks together and I only wanted to kill eat you once. 

Pretty good, huh?

June 20 076
Hey Internet! My sources tell me that my MTP is a HUMDINGER- a humdinger of a husband, of a father, of a man. Now you know.

And MTP? Happy Father’s Day. I love you.



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