Help me now, Rhonda

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Lots of poop and boob talking is about to begin.Some day Cora will have to forgive me for telling the Internets about her poop. If not, there is always therapy. For those that don’t care, here is your daily cute baby picture:

That would be Cora in a pink dress, with a pink bow, a pink plug, and wrapped up in a pink blanket. I can also guarantee that she is wearing a pink diaper too.

Speaking of diapers and since there really is no way to make an easy transition from pretty baby to poop, I’m just gonna put it out there: Cora’s poop is VERY green and slimy. Breastmilk babies poo should be yellow and seedy. Lately, hers is not. This leads me to believe that she is getting a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.

In an attempt to correct this problem, I have been trying to completely empty each side before offering the other. This method has completely failed me and now feel like I am making even MORE milk. I have plenty of milk- sit close enough and I could squirt you in the face.  I am cow, hear me moo. Moooooo.

Since this all began, I’ve also developed a sick boob. Lefty is red, splotchy, sore, and tender to the touch. I’ve gone the heat and empty route best I can. I haven’t been able to pump because I left it back in Lawrence. I’m still at my parent’s home. To sum it all up- I’ve got sore boobs, too much milk, and a baby pooping green slime.

This is my 3rd nursling and I still have questions. I think this just goes to show that all breastfeeding mothers need community support. While I am always happy to help other people successfully breastfeed, I too have things to learn. And the truth is, sometimes breasfteeding can suck. Literally. I briefly checked out but I am counting on my friends here.

So, help?


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