Milkman baby

It is common knowledge that Bennett looks just like Matt. Bennett’s personality, his laid-back attitude, his great looks = 100% a mini-Matt. I have accepted this. Simon is mine. Bennett is his.

However, place Bennett next to Grandpa Pool (also known as Matt’s Dad) and the resemblance is just plain wicked.  I’m just going to go out on a limb and admit the truth. Bennett? He ain’t the milkman’s baby.

There I said it. Here have a looksee at Big B with the Big Cheese:

July 2011 220 
Grandpa Pool is a good guy. He works extremely hard, is still married after 42 years, cares deeply about his family, and prays daily for all of us. He has a few faults- namely that he’s a conservative Republican. It’s alright though. I fully believe in a God that forgives us of our mistakes. 

I also believe that God makes us perfect. Just the way we are. 

Even if that means we swing the other way. 

July 2011 222 
The jury is still out on Cora Jane. Who will she grow up to look like? Which personality traits will shine through? I think it would be delightful if she had Matt/Bennett/Grandpa Pool’s like-ability and my insane good looks. It would be like she’s destined to win the title of Miss America. 

(Oh yes, I mock.)

(I actually meant Miss Universe.)

Regardless- if she does end up looking like these two, I’m okay with it.

July 2011 224
Pending she doesn’t vote Republican, of course.


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