Meet Tulip

So, Internets, I’ve got somebody new that I want you to meet. The people here at Party of 5, Inc. were feeling quite lonely without our beloved Noah and decided it was time to do something about it. Many (many!) trips back and forth to the Humane Shelter brought nothing but despair. Noah is gone. He isn’t coming back.

And while I don’t believe Noah can ever be replaced, I do believe that hearts can heal. So, I am pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the Pool Party.

Miss Tulip
Meet Tulip

Tulip is a four month old, 3 lbs, 2oz, domestic short hair tortoiseshell and she is a doll baby. Due to an excess of cats, the Humane Shelter was literally giving them away. For free! (Well, technically we put some money down guaranteeing that we will spay her. NO BABIES FOR YOU, GIRLFRIEND.) So although we could have gotten a 100% free kitten from the newspaper, we couldn’t turn our hearts away from this sweet little caged one. 

Besides, I’ve never had a tortie before. Did you know that torties are considered good luck in many cultures? Our luck has been pretty good lately. I couldn’t imagine life any better than this.

Babies and kittens. How cute.
So far, Tulip is fitting in perfectly in our family. She is using her cat box (and she better!), cuddling in our laps, and purring all the time. She’s pretty much BFF with any warm spot. Cora’s bum bum, Lizzy’s legs. She doesn’t care. 
Tulip and Lizzy BFF 
We are keeping her indoors strictly for now. After having Noah for 11 years, I can’t bear to lose another cat any time soon. Noah was a wonderful cat. So it goes without saying that Tulip has awfully big shoes paws to fill.
It feels good to know we saved her. But the truth is, she saved us from our broken hearts.

LJ has been a complete a-hole lately. I apologize to those that came to Party of 5 and got a white screen. LJ: get it together. I’ve got a blog to run.

Related: I still have diapers for sale. Although I spammed my blog out like a whore, only a few have sold. Buy my diapers!

Over and out.


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