Month three

It’s funny. Here we are another month later and I still feel in shock about the whole thing. I HAD ANOTHER BABY? A GIRL? Say it ain’t so. It feels like yesterday that it was spring time and that school was winding down. 

We are gearing up for another school year. Tonight was Meet the Teacher night. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that the last time I was with most of those people, they hadn’t yet met Cora. And now, here she is- all three months old and full of gummy smiles and delicious baby rolls.

2011-08-15 Cora 3 months

Cora’s biggest accomplishment of the month is that she gained more weight. Don’t you all wish that you could do nothing all month but gain weight? Gain she did. Cora is now up to 12 lbs, 14 oz. Actually, I wish I could do nothing and lose weight. But this post isn’t about me, is it?

Cora also took her first bottle of expressed milk. I don’t want to talk about it though. It’s silly how something as simple as one bottle fills me with relief and immense amount of guilt. We can leave the Mommy issues at the door.

Cora 3 months 083-1

At 3 months, Cora is exactly 4 oz bigger than Simon and a whole pound less than Bennett. Grow, girl, grow. Cora is now wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing, but she can still wear 0-3 month clothes although they are getting tight around her big, cloth covered bum. We lovingly refer to it as "big butt, so what."

We are using cloth 100% exclusively, including at nighttime.    

Cora has also transitioned from the cradle to the crib in our room. She likes to be swaddled while sleeping and prefers her plug firmly stuck in her mouth. She will sleep until I force her out of bed in the morning, usually around 9:30 am. No matter what time we get up, C is always ready for a nap 1 hr and 30 minutes later.

(Did you get that Cora? I’m wasting my sleep time so that I can tell the Internet all about you and your precious habits.) 
(Tell me that you love me.)

Cora 3 months 041  
Another big accomplishment is that Cora learned to roll from her tummy to her back. A clear sign that she is going to be advanced. She did this after she read her first novel but before she painted her first picture. Clearly she isn’t your ordinary baby. She’s extra-ordinary.
My snowflake who loves to smile, nurse on demand, stand in your lap, be worn, coo, and giggle at her brothers when tickled. 
If you just can’t stand it and want to read more, here are her Birth Story, Month One, and Month Two posts. And as a refresher, a "look at how she has grown" photo college:  
2011-08-15 Cora 3 months1 
And with that, I will see you on the flip side. Mama needs to catch up on her beauty sleep.

I have a feeling somebody is going to wake me up tonight.


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