Goodmama diapers for sale

Diapers, diapers, diapers! Come and get 'em, Mamas. I am just not feeling the love towards these slightly boyish diapers. Look. I'm sorry. After two boys, I want nothing but pink, purple, and flowers. Maybe with a little more salmon, blush, and rose thrown in for good measure. Hot pink? I'll take that too. I have nothing against blue, red, and green. It's not personal. It's business. 

Goodmamas for sale
Left to right: Sanguine w/ gray cotton velour inner, Beach Towel, and a (new in package) This Much. No stains and great elastic on both. Beach Towel has slightly wonky snaps. It snaps okay but sometimes come undone. It's so soft and squishy though. This Much is adorable but again, I'd rather have flowers.  
Beach Towel and Red/Gray Stripe Inners   
Sanguine: $30- PENDING SOLD 🙂 Beach Towel: $25- PENDING SOLD 🙂 This Much: $43 I also have two XS (pink!) Thirsties covers for sale. We used these exclusively over newborn Goodmamas and ZERO blowouts or leaks. Excellent used condition, no stains, no discoloration, and look practically brand new. (Red and sage are already sold.)  
XS Thirsties Covers
$10 each- PENDING SOLD 🙂
Postage paid with delivery confirmation on everything. I am in search of paypal or girly diapers. You know the kind? Must have pink.  


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