With enthusiasm

I am here to interrupt my regular scheduling blogging of babies, boobs, and boys to bring you breaking news at PPo5, Inc.. (That's Pool, Party of Five Incorporated for the slower ones in the group.) Remember how my boobs were on the local news a few weeks ago? Right now PPo5, Inc is being featured on the Better Homes and Gardens website for my decorating skills.

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS. Sweet little, 'ole me with my 300 daily hits.


Here is a screen shot:  

 Here is the live link: PARTY OF FIVE IS FAMOUS.

Call me crazy but is that not excellent?

I mean, seriously.

Months and months ago, I received an email from Better Homes and Gardens asking for my permission to use one of my pictures. I was asked to also enter a short description for them to use. I will note that this was all prior to the name change, which is just a minor detail if you ask me. Naturally, you are going to assume that BGH reads my blog, but please don't. I was only asked because I entered a link-up party at The Nester of my living room.



Honored, I tell you. Regardless of how they found me or why. I am HONORED to be included in their lineup of fall mantels. I also have an INCREDIBLE URGE TO BREAK OUT MY FALL DECORATIONS. AND PIE PLATES. AND FAUX PUMPKINS. AND WEAR SWEATERS. AND DRIVE WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN.

(Wait. I already am doing that. Thanks, mini-van a/c for crapping out on me. Too bad I didn't get paid to share my picture, cause I totally could use some money right now to fix the van.)

Anyways, feel free to go 'like' the page. Or please go like the page. It's your choice, of course.

And that's all I have to say about that currently.  It wasn't much, I know. 

It's just that now I have to go eat some HUMBLE PIE.


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