Love best

Playing babies

What I love best is that if you look closely, you can see that Bennett is gently cradling Cora's head. Who taught him to hold her that way?

Jane's face is happy. I didn't even have to say "POOP!" in order to make her smile at me. Her mother is not the kind to make poop jokes. Hey, Katie, I'm sorry that I taught her that.  

They like to play babies a lot. Bennett calls Jane, "Hun," short for honey. His sweetie, lovebug. He yells down the driveway to her while they play outside, "HUN. I'MA GOING TO THE STORE. YOU COMIN' HUN?" 
Sometimes she forgets and doesn't answer. He yells it louder until he eventually gives up. He jumps onto this bike (motorcycle) and rides down the street.

So many blessings to be had all in one (small) moment in this (excellent) life of mine.

Only if you look closely can you see it.   


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