Ball ‘n’ chain


Hunkahunka burning love, yes? YES. I'm sure you are all mesmerized by Mr. Pool's insane good looks, big hands, and salty gray hair. It's understandable. I am too. He is, after all, the apple of my eye and the object of my affection. He is the bees knees, if you will.

If only you, dear readers, knew what else he's got going on besides big hands. Let me tell you, it is BIG. And when I say big, I really mean HUUUUGGGGGGE. (HINT: you can't see it in the picture.)

You are probably thinking that I just crossed the line into the land of over-sharing. I do tend to go there frequently. You might also feel the need to file this information away into, "Shit I Should Not Know About PPo5."

But have no fear! I'm talking about his love for me.

DUH. His love for me is HUGE.

What else did you think I was talking about? Just like how my love for him is huge and has been going on eight years now. Speaking of eight and the whole reason for this post, did you know that we had an anniversary this week? We officially 'tied the knot' back in the olden year of 2003. We officially sealed the deal….wait, never mind.

Damn it. There's that line again that I almost crossed. Sorry Mom!

Here's a clue if you didn't know:

End of August 012

Children are no accidents. And neither is my love for you, Mr. Pool. Even when you drive me crazy by neglecting to finish honey-do jobs around the house or put your stinking shoes away and especially (and in spite of the fact) that you told all of Facebook about my big left foot. AFTER EIGHT YEARS, I STILL LOVE YOU. Every single day I am thankful for you, Mr. Pool. My ole Ball 'n' Chain. The one who keeps me sane.

Basically what it comes down to is that I am the luckiest girl alive.

Make no joke about it.


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