I can craft!

Follow up to my lame post earlier this week, remember how I said that one project ALWAYS leads to another? Well, it's totally true. 

See it all started when I had a baby. You all knew I had the WORLD'S CUTEST BABY, right?

September 026
Unfortunately and against my wishes, this baby does nothing but grow. In fact, CJ is growing so much and so fast that I felt an unexplainable NEED to start a project that fully embraced Cora's presence in our family. Completely ignoring the fact that the baby crap is over taking my living room and the washing machine is constantly going with her diapers and the carseat is always haphazardly thrown in the garage. Cora is a part of our family and deserves her own space at the table.

And when I say table, I really mean counter.

So, OF COURSE it makes sense that Cora needed her own stool at the counter. I mean, DUH.  Doesn't every baby need a stool to rest her weary feet upon? For the record, I am NO crafty blogger. If you are thinking this is going to be a tutorial on stool making, you are wrong. I don't do 'tutes. (I don't toot either. For real, ask Matt.) But I do take convientently cropped pictures that HIDE my dirty counters and excellently show case my cheap Wal-mart stools.

I could have purchased an already black stool but, really, what fun is that? I am cheap and I am proud.  Before I go any further, if you want a refresher on my kitchen, here are some more pictures.

Stamped stools- before
A little bit of black paint, a Hobby Lobby foam stamp, a little bit of white paint, a WHOLE LOT OF PATIENCE, and BAM! A new, improved, not completely perfect stool that has Cora's name (or initial) all over it:
Stamped stools
When I look at this picture, all I can think about is Words with Friends. How many words can you make with the letters S, C, and B? None because you (obviously) need some vowels. Clearly I need to have another baby who must have a first initial vowel. Allison, anyone? Or how about Eugene? Ursula? Oscar? Cause then I could spell SUB or CUBS or BOAS or COBS or… SCAB.

Um, so now that I've spent too much time thinking about Words with Friends, it's time to move on. Since I had the black paint out, I touched up each kitchen chair and the other stools too.


Kitchen update
Now I just need to find another black frame and add Cora's picture to the wall. It's only fair, right?

Like I said, one project ALWAYS leads to another.  


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