B-U-T-FUL not to be confused with butt-full

Today's post is brought to you by Simon. He wrote the text for a 2nd grade assignment about butterflies. As part of the science curriculum, 2nd grade studies Monarchs. This is our 3rd year raising babies. Check out this butterfly post from 2009! Pictures, as usual, by yours truly. 

Butterfly 003
If I wus a caterpillar, I wood eat and eat and eat and poop.

And trasfrom into a chrysalis.


And com owt as a butful butterfly.

Butterfly 025

Dri yor winings and fly.

Butterfly 030
Butterfly 008

Be free! But just woch owt thers danjer at evre tern.

Butterfly 038
But the werst part is the cietrs. They hate butterflys.

Butterfly 042
Butterfly 046
Go! Go to Mexico.

If I was a caterpillar, I would eat and eat and poop and transform into a chrysalis and come out as a beautiful butterfly. Dry your wings and fly. Be free! But just watch out there is danger at every turn. But the worst part is the critters. They hate butterflies. Go! Go to Mexico. 

I think I am going to hire Simon to work as a contributor at PPo5, Inc. It would be a shame and a disservice to my readers to not include his writings.

Just like his Mama, he is a butful writer. 

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