Reunion recap.

Hey, did I mention that my 10 year high school reunion was last week? I didn't?

Hallelujah and amen. It's over.

The end.


Just kidding! See, here's the thing. I go home to Great Bend and I hide at my parent's house. I don't go to the grocery store. I don't hang out at the bar. I park on the other side at Sonic, just in case I see somebody I know. (What? Your home town Sonic doesn't have a cool side?) So the idea of specifically traveling 3 hours to make small talk with people from high school was FREAKING ME OUT. FOR REALS.

Overall it was fine. Seriously. I got my panties in a bunch for no good reason. My only complaint is that the DJ sucked and I felt like THE MOM of the group who complained about the too loud music. TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN RIGHT NOW!

Most of the conversations involved four things: who you married, where you live, where you work, and if you have kids. Good news for me, I've got the basics covered. It helps that I have a blog that was mentioned no less than 10 times. Thanks for reading, friends from high school.  

My girls

I got to see two of my oldest and bestest friends, Jana and Megan. We spent a good portion of the weekend together and had lots of fun. I am excited because after spending 10 years in Chicago, Megan (and Scott and baby E) have moved back to Kansas. Jana is also expecting baby #2. I'm so glad that I've kept real (not just on Facebook) touch with them.

IM and Me

Matt was a trooper through the whole thing. He told me that I looked good. He made small talk. He refilled my drink. He took the pictures that we all laughed about. Most importantly, he took the 'old balls' jokes like a man. I'm so glad that he was at my side the whole time. 

So there you go. I survived my 10 year high school reunion.

I probably won't be back in Great Bend until the holidays. If you happen to see me at Sonic, feel free to wave.

I'll be on the cool side.


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