Linky love

I originally planned to post some videos that are on my cheap ass smart phone. Videos of Simon reading. A super cute video of Cora creeping and sitting pretty. (How is it possible that she can now sit AND crawl?) But that smart phone? Is refusing to communicate with my computer.

I tried to get them to kiss and make up. But, alas, no videos for you.

Some smart phone I have.

So instead of boring you with my words, I thought I would share some words by other bloggers that I find interesting, inspiring, and/or impressive.

This article by Swistle made my head hurt. It's good advice to file away in the SHIT I HOPE NEVER HAPPENS part of my brain. Honestly, I would rather not ever have to think about protecting myself from an attacker. I can't imagine disobeying orders when faced with a gun or leaving my children behind. Another piece of good advice? Don't eat yellow snow.

My friend and personal birth photographer, Jana, is participating in NaPoBloMo as well. Stop by and give her some love.

CottonBabies is having a diaper clearance sale. Anybody who says they can't afford to cloth diaper is a liar. $10 diapers? Don't mind if I do. Use code BESTDEAL for an extra 5% off.

And now a shout-out to my favorite bloggers. They send traffic my way, so today I will return the favor. Jana, ChelseaChelse, Jami, Emily, Tara. I always read your posts first in my google reader.

Does this count? Heck, yes it does. 21 posts to go.


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