Same story, told by 3 authors

We were late. Being late is not a reflection of our commitment to raise a respectful, responsible, rounded student. She knows that, right? I'd blame the children but it was just me, Cora Jane, and Matt. It's a good thing Katie takes him to school every day. He hasn't had a single tardy yet.  

*I am Simon.

*I am good at jumping off the swinggs.

*I am good at math.

*I am good at reeding.


*Talking is my problum.

*I have 51 gold slips.

*i love you.

*i hope comfrintsis are good!

He is a hard worker. He doesn't give her any trouble in terms of behavior. He's on grade level for reading. Finally. Barely. Comprehension skills are high. He is able to summarize. He has a more difficult time decoding but he is exactly where he needs to be. Math is no problem. Spelling could improve and will with time. He writes good stories with many details. He is sometimes really silly. He likes to be the class clown and he talks too much.

You don't say? Hmm…I wonder where he gets that from, Matt. Why is everyone looking at me? I'm terrible at math. I never talk too much. I don't like to write. Not much anyways. Not enough to write every day for 30 days straight. I'm not silly.

Comfrintsis? Conferences were good.

We love you too, Si-man, and we're so proud of you.

If I had any gold slips, I'd give you a 100.


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