Facebook babies

It's funny the way family works. I know you but I don't really. Does Facebook count? A new picture here, a status update there. I 'like' the ones that make me smile and the ones full of fluff. Except for the ones about the babies. I always like the updates about the babies. Babies make everything better. We have a history, our lives are pulled together because of two people, but nothing more.

I haven't seen her since last November. She yelled at me. Made me cry The Ugly Tears. Forgiveness is mandatory. It's in the rules.

But now we are together again. Hi! So good to see you! It's not about you, it's about me. I want to tell you a secret but nobody wants to know the truth. In a whisper I would say it. It's not the beautiful picture you imagine. It was no religion or politics. English grammar was always corrected. He's an English teacher, don't you remember? At the private school for the children of the doctors and the lawyers? There are few happy, loving, memories. It's mostly the holiday dinners that ended in rage. She smoked her cigarette in the car after it was over. The smoke swirled up around her head. She trembled.

We all trembled. He just shook his head.

Now I nod. We can pretend it never happened, that is fine with me. I listen with my heart and hope for the best. No fighting. Just smiling. This life, her life, our lives together won't last much longer. It can't. They won't. And then what happens? We'll have Facebook to keep us connected.

My hope is in the babies. They have no history. They know nothing but love.

Linked up at Just Write. I am writing for NaBloPoMo and this makes 14/30.


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