Month six

Despite my protests, today came against my wishes. Every day we move farther away from her birth and now we're on the down-hill slide towards one year later. Birth, one, twothree, four, five, and now sweet Miss Cora Jane is officially six months old. In case you forgot, you know that means I am officially 28 and 1/2 now too. Happy half-birthday to us.

The best birthday present a girl could ever want. HANDS DOWN.

6 months

Let's see. Cora had two big accomplishments this past month. Can you guess the first one? (Hint: LOOK AT PICTURE UP THERE). If you guessed: 'sitting unassisted,' then you are right! It took forever to learn and while both boys were sitting earlier, she can now be set down on her bottom. Yay! I no longer fear the flat-head. CJ's second big accomplishment is that she can now scoot across the floor. Starting at 5.5 months, she was on the move. Wiggling and pulling her cubby booty across the the floor. In the past two weeks, her coordination has gotten even better. She gets what she wants. 

I wonder where she learned that?
She is also Miss Grabby hands. Nothing is safe until Cora has touched, tasted, and thrown the object of her desire. The ring-of-neglect is the only safe place to put her at suppertime. Otherwise she will grab everything at the table. If you think this means we should feed her, you are wrong. I am way too lazy to introduce baby food.

6 months

Cora is weighing in around 16 lbs 17 lbs, 6 oz. and something, something inches. (We go to the doctor on Friday. WILL EDIT DETAILS LATER.) She is wearing a mix of 3-6 month clothing and 6-9 month clothing. Her small Fuzzi Bunz diapers are starting to leak and occasionally she blows out the back. It's time to size up to the medium diapers. I don't want to think about selling the smalls though. SAD FACE.
Sleeping is hit or miss. Some nights she will sleep all night. Other nights she is up every 2 hours. Whatever, no skin off my back. Naptimes are also hit or miss. It's obvious when she is tired but sometimes only sleeps for 30-45 minutes. We have been much better about putting her in the crib to nap.

She has gotten better about riding in the car, so that is a plus. She also has slowed down on the drooling. So despite hating that she's grown, there are some benefits to the new month. I am TRYING to remain positive, people. There is really nothing good about moving farther and farther away from the day of her birth. I love my sweet, cuddly, newborn baby.

6 months

Here she grows from one month until now. Love-able, love-able, baby girl. I think it's hard to tell how she has changed month to month, but I certainly can see a difference overall. My how quickly my baby girl has changed.

Watch her grow



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