Winners and then some

Today was busy- insanely busy- and I would rather go to bed but first a POST about my day. I'm in it to win it, people. For the past year, Matt has been taking a graduate course at KU to become a Certified Public Manager. His graduation was held today at the state capitol in Topeka.

Turns out becoming a CPM is kinda a big deal. Who knew? Not this girl who showed up 10 minutes late with two children in tow. I wouldn't have been late except that the parking garage was completely full. I had to park in downtown Topeka, walk two blocks (in the wind!) (with two kids!), go through the metal detector (twice!) (with two kids!), and then go up three flights of stairs, before finally finding the House of Representatives. It was fun.

Because I don't really feel like a post is a post without a picture, here is a picture of Matt after his graduation. I forgot my real camera, so phone photo for the win. I was also in the gallery, so I had to wait until after the ceremony to snap a picture. (Please ignore the freaky zombie child.) (ETA: AND THE FREAKY, CROSS-EYED HUSBAND.) (HOT.)

Later in the evening, we went out on a date to celebrate his graduation. We had a babysitter and everything! Except we didn't leave Cora because I have control issues and it's hard for me to leave her. We went to the Blind Tiger (a brewery/bar) with some of his classmates.

We came back to Lawrence and decided that since we were already paying for a babysitter, we might as well make use of our free time. So we met some more friends at another bar. The whole time all I could think about was that Reece Witherspoon quote. "You have a baby! In a bar!"

(I wish I had a picture to show you.)

(PIcture sweet baby Cora in a bar.)

(Not just one bar but two different bars.)

So that was my long day. Everyone is sleeping now except for me. (Anybody still reading?) (Could this be any more boring?) Congratulations to Matt on becoming a Certified Public Manager. Your accomplishments are always a big deal to me.

Of course, you're always a winner too. 

BAM. 12 to go.


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