Christmas recap

How was your Christmas? Was it delightful? Did it leave much to be desired? Were you richly blessed or sorely forgotten? Are you glad it is over or are you wishing the fun hadn't begun?

Christmas wonder

For the first time in eight years of marriage, we stayed home in Lawrence. It was okay. It was better than okay, actually. Matt had to work and so we made adjustments. We made a big Christmas Eve meal and more cookies by ourselves, went to the candle-light service at church, and slept in our own beds.

And boy, oh boy, did Santa (and our families) deliver.

Christmas 2011

Clothes, Legos (and more Legos), shoes (that light-up!), robes, candy, wii games, an iPhone, bicycles, a racetrack, markers, coloring books, socks, diapers, lovies, wooden rattles and more. The kids got more than enough.

Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011
Matt and I didn't do too bad ourselves. A new tool chest for him and a camera lense for me. I'm in love, of course, and deeply sad that the holiday is over. I believe that all the fun is in the anticipation and now there is nothing to forward to until spring break.

But just like we had to do at Christmas, I will adjust.


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