This is a test

As if I don't show off my baby enough, I present to you the fastest crawl this side of the Mississippi. She goes across the floor to my lap, up the stairs, and/or straight for the scrap of paper that she is determined to eat. Cora Jane? There are so many better things to eat in the world. Like pie and cheese. Cheese is always good to eat.

When watching, it helps if you tilt your head to the left. Sorry about that. Also, ignore my voice.

Did it work? Can you see the video? Perhaps I will post more videos if I can remember to turn the phone the right direction. It should it be to the left, right? Horizontally? Directions were never my strong suit. I can't remember the street names in Great Bend when I go home and I lived there 18 years. Kansas is west of the Mississippi, correct?

When you type Mississippi do you say it out loud too? M I SS I SS I PP I.

Cora and I have so much to learn.  


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