I am the narrator

As Simon gets older, I feel like it is a fine line to walk when posting stories about him for all the world to read. Babies are funny and cute and babies won't remember the tales that I tell.

Simon does though. He is in 2nd grade now. I remember stories from my childhood, stories from before 2nd grade even, and virtually none of them are written down. On the contrary, I am the narrator and my kids are my characters. For over three years, I have been writing and sharing here at PPo5. I surprise myself. It's hard to believe that I've been writing for that long without giving up. (Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.) It's just that most of the time I feel like my writing is 'same shit, different day.' How often do you want to hear about my kids and my boobs? I KNOW.

Of course, it's also hard to believe that this kid is officially 8 and a HALF. We celebrated his half-birthday by practicing the closed mouth smile. We still have time to practice.

January 2012 078

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: one of my biggest worries is that my blog won't match his memories. I worry that if he ever reads these words, he will say with disdain that my words weren't true and that the picture I painted wasn't as rosy. Simon? You are probably right. 

If you, Simon, gather nothing else, please know that I did love you. I loved you a lot and I was so proud of you. Right now I am most proud of the fact that you are reading just ABOVE grade level. For a kid that was behind in 1st kid, barely there and struggling in the beginning of 2nd grade, and is now ahead? That kicks ass. We set the bar high and we expect you to meet it. You have done just that.

I am sorry for all those other times that I failed you. I know there were many. Like the time I made you smile with your mouth closed to hide your terrible teeth?

Yup, sorry for that one too.


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